Tuesday, May 10, 2005

All those shiny shoes and no hats?

Just wanted to take a little time to say thanks to all who attended the inspection by the mayor. I know no one wanted to spend their day off getting all dressed up in scratchy pants and ties to come out to the square and sweat in the sun. Hoo-Ra to all who made the effort. Way to show a little bit of give a damn for the family. This was exactly the kind of thing that makes the cream rise to the top. Just wanted to let ya'll know how proud I was to be a part of it.
Soldiers, march on. J.


T-MAN said...

Yes sir. We all looked very sharp. We were well represented that day,though there were alot of people who could have been but chosed not to be there.Well done.

resQscooter said...

I still think I should have been to the left of Cedric.

mohican said...

Next time Scooter, you can be on the left.