Sunday, July 03, 2005

-well finally able to post after months of frustration. thank you "brain," and welcome back from your shakedown of NYC! I would like to voice that overall this division is doing better than i have ever seen it since my time here. just having the few extra units, and sprints up makes a world of difference in call volume/unit and allows us to actually eat on occasion.

PHILIPS -- possibly your next monitor. the dpartment's product evaluation committee has looked long and hard at the facts, your evaluations, cost, training, reliability, service, and partnership between the 2 final competitors, philips MRX and MEDTRONICS LP-12. ZOLL was ruled out early and the last two made for a harder decision. we should be seeing new monitors real soon, 12 lead classes, ETCO2 training, and a lot of other educational benefits.
however, i am glad the early morning meetings are over for a bit.

-finally, is it me, or does your paycheck seem smaller lately? not having that OT has been putting a strain on! let's hope something goes through with the RFP for EMS details real soon. not having that OT available anymore is tough for the paramedics. i know of basics taking home more than me because of their OT availability.

-hope you enjoy my thoughts and feel free to leave any gentle and kind comments, or as nasty as you wanna be stuff! se you on the street, friends!


Sean said...

Glad you finally got your shiite together, Keller. I agree with you that things do seem to be going well at HD, even though I'm only there once or twice a week. Morale is no worse than it's been, hopefully that will improve as well. But you know how EMT's are - we'll bitch about everything!
I personally like the LP-12's. The Phillips are definitely the winners of the cool factor, but the Lifepacks seem easier to actually use. Either one, really, doesn't matter to me.
I can't help you with the paycheck issues, however, my sister is a recruiter for a staffing agency, and she's looking for 7 or 8 EMT's (any level) to assist some private duty nurses with the care of this old guy who's richer than God. All you'd need to do is help lift and transfer him, the rest of the time you just sit around and amuse yourself in his St. Charles mansion. They're paying around $20/hr. Call American Staffing at 833-3100; ask for Peggy Fitzmorris.

Sean said...

Oops, actually now its Peggy Gautreaux!

grrlmedic said...

smaller paycheck? Thats an understatement ot unless they're in a serious bind and then they draft you!! Think the ot is going to slowly come back jullette made a comment in the mtg about keeping it under control not totally eliminating it for paramedics, so hopefully we'll be able to afford something other then Thunderbird to drink!!

Capt.SaveAHoe said...

You know what I would like to see . Vacation and Sick time given correctly . We ACCRUE half a day sick and vaction per pay period. (Unless we get paid 3times in one month. Then that last pay period of the month you dont get jack. Check your pay stubs from last month and youll see what I mean.) However, that HALF a day is based on an 8hr day . So if you take Vaction or get sick like Metzger your actually using a day and a half of YOUR time. Again I've done the math in my head so you dont have to........If you take a week long cruise on your short week (because we all like the come back to work after vaction on our long week) In which you only take 3 days off . It will take you 9 pay periods or about 4 1/2 MONTHS to RE-ACCRUE the 3 day vacation you just took. If half a day is suppose to be what we get each pay period please give us our 6hrs instead for 4. "Save a horse and a Cowboy. Ride-a-hoe"