Thursday, September 28, 2006


I am just curious if anyone else feels as if EJGH ER deliberately makes us wait when we bring in our patients. I have heard from Fitz that, on numerous occasions, he has heard or been told by many of the nurses there that they cannot stand N.O. EMS and try to punish us by putting us on the wall Code 77. This could be isolated to night watch only or to a select few of the nurses there but I have definitely had some of the worst experiences there as far as unprofessionalism is concerned. I know some other crews have had issues with this ER in the past and that some may have been written up. I am just absolutely disgusted with EJGH ER and cringe at the fact that if anything serious, God forbid, happens to my family, unfortunately EJ is the closest facility to their houses.

I brought a patient there lastnight who overdosed on 45 Klonapin, intentionally, and felt it was in the patient's best interest to transport to a hospital with psych capabilities. After "hospital shopping" for about 15 minutes, the decision was made to transport to EJ....against my better judgement. To make a long story short, I was second in line to WJMC EMS who were traiaged and sent to a room. Then AMED, who came in after we did and was a BLS truck, was triaged before us for an elderly female with n/v and also received a room. Then immediately after this, nurse in charge of triaging saw that we were the only ones left and walked off. It took about 50 minutes for them to even look at my pt. My pt was triaged and still we sat in the hall. This whole time there were 3 beds open. It eventually took them a little over 2 hours to give us a bed that had been available since we walked through the doors. Also, about 40 minutes before we got our bed, EJGH EMS rolled in with a stable SZ patient and was sent directly to a room without any questions asked or being triaged, once again, skipping us.

This is also another thing I have been witness to on several different occassions....They will make us sit there for 20 minutes before being triaged (on a slow night) and EJGH EMS rolls in and gets right into a bed. Their offload time is about 3 minutes every time.

They are punishing our patients because its "us" that is brining them in. I will be writing my incident up soon. I am just asking that you take notice and report any unprofessionalism that you may experience. Also, if you hear of another crew on your watch being treated like this, please ask them to write it up too. This will never change if no one speaks up.

Thankyou for taking the time to read this


Sean said...

I can confirm that NO EMS has indeed been singled out as being on the shit list for more than one EJ nurse. I've discussed some of the details with some you already. I would encourage you to call or email EJ yourself; if you make enough of a statement, something will be done. Monique St. Romaine and Monica Scheel are two of the ER supervisors, both former Charity nurses with strong ties to NO EMS.
If y'all are having any problems getting seen by a nurse, come find me and I will drop everything to take care of you (cuz i luv ya!).

melinda said...

That is so frickin childish. "Punishing" us becasue we are N.O. EMS. If they would try to be adult about it, they would realize that they aren't punishing us, but in fact are punishing the pt, and not only that, but they are punishing every citizen in the city of N.O. by keeping emergency units parked on a wall for an eternity. All its going to take is one bad thing to happen to one important person, and then things will change. I saw on the wall by the nurses desk at Tulane that a hospital in some other state was being charged with something like negligent homicide because they had a CP pt waiting in the waiting room for two hours, and when they finally decided to get to her, she was slumped over in the chair, dead. That kind of crap is not acceptable. I feel your frustration. They think that we sit up all night all excited about bringing them pts all day long. That's ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

You are right; nothing will get done without a paper trail. This is an issue that is not new to any of us. This has been happening since I started here in 1997. Since the post Katrina has been expressed that if it is submitted in an incident report and "cc" to all admin that it will be addressed. Please EVERYONE make sure that you obtain the proper information and submit it so the powers that be can rip them a new ass.



I just find that no other hospital, with the exception of Lord & Taylor, makes us sit at a counter and triage our patients. It takes EJ easily 20 minutes to triage on their new computer system or whatever it is they're using. I never see EJ EMS sit at the counter to be triaged.
It's really not fair to the patients and, as Melinda said, to the citizens of New Orleans. Tulane and Touro will work with us as best they can. The attitudes aren't always the best, but they do a superb job comapred to EJ.

Oh, and by the way, Dave Frezel heard from some ER nurse that there is some organization called either CMS or CSM that fines the hospital if a patient sits on the stretcher in the ER for more than 20 minutes. I know we are in a different situation than the rest of the country but what happened at EJ seems like a legitimate circumstance. Apparently you go to the website and inform them about the hospital. Now I don't know if we can write these people on our own and wouldn't suggest doing it without our chain of command, but its defenitely something worth looking into.

girlmedic said...

Susan have you written that incident up yet and if so have you heard anything from our powers that be? I've never had a problem there but they do take a long time to triage.I've noticed that Gerard works there now and some of ya'll myself included have had very unpleasant experiences with him at touro til he got fired for all the bs he gave us and rudeness to pts.Watch out for him at ej

Anonymous said...

Touro finally fired Gerard??

Wow, I'm really gonna try to avoid doing my clinicals at EJGH now.

Sean said...

Gerard's at Ochsner now. EJ's not a bad place to work and clinicals here would probably be pretty good, but it does suck how they treat NO EMS. I've been trying to set an example to them by sucking up big time to the EMS services. Let me know if the situation improves (or worsens).

Anonymous said...

Sean, why do these nurses have a problem with us?

Sean said...

Because we don't curl up like a scared puppy every time they bark at us. We don't take their shit like the other EMS services do, and they don't like that. After all we're "just" EMT's. But get one of them on a typical scene somewhere and you'll see who curls up like a scared puppy!

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