Friday, August 12, 2005

Moving Right Along...

Well, after attending the "SOD" meeting the other day, I have to say I think that NOHD is making good progress in the right direction. We've gotten new equipment (whoda thunk we'd EVER get laryngoscopes?) and we have dedicated sprint units & alternates. Plus, they're pushing hard for improving our education and training! That's gonna make a big difference. The only catch is going to be us.
What do I mean? Traditionally, EMT's have been resistant to change. Just listen to the whining that went on when the new administration took over, or the bitching that took over the blog (yes, I know, I did it too). Likewise, the bottleneck in making New Orleans EMS a world-class service is going to be the medics who are content with maintaining the status quo. That has to change, which means we have to change. We need to be willing, even eager, to seek out new opportunities and creative ways of thinking. Juliette is throwing the protocols out the window! Which means that now we have to think on our feet, to actually be good EMT's, rather than good protocol followers.
And what about the new opportunities in EMS? We will now be able to attend training like tactical EMS and use it! High angle techniques, water rescue, programs from the Dept of Homeland Security, like WMD, urban search and rescue are just some of the things we can get involved with! Isn't that why we signed on with NOHD in the first place? Talk about experience!
Anyway, I'm excited about the new changes. I met with all the new sprint personnel and I'd trust any of them with my life if I was hurt or sick. They are the best. Just like I hope we all will be!