Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Holy Crap!

Well! How 'bout this? Not much of an EMS service we got here. But everyone has done an outstanding job with the disaster! I'm proud to have served with such a fantastic group of medics. NOBODY could have managed as well as we did! I guess functioning for so long with so few resources made the old saying possible - we've done so much with so little for so long. we could do anything with nothing at all! We proved it of NOHD-EMS!
I know most of you there don't even have access to the internet, but if you check the blog, let us know how you are, where you are and what your plans are. We all did an outstanding job and have been given our opportunity to truly shine. Even though there's not much call volume these days, EMS is still playing a crucial role in the recovery and rescue efforts. Nobody knows that city like we do, and the National Guard and NYPD and all the volunteers from all over the country now depend on HD people to guide them.
If and when the city gets rebuilt and restarted, it'll be an interesting exercise to see how things change. I doubt we'll be a heavily populated city anytime soon. And there will be lots of new houses! By the way, if the National Guard or whoever decides they need to napalm certain neighborhoods because of contamination, I'm sure you HD people will do a great job of directing them exactly which areas of the city need napalming (hint,hint;wink,wink). You know what I mean!
Be careful out there! Y'all are some of the most beautiful people I know and I love you all!