Monday, October 20, 2008

Preview of the "Francene Hair Diaries"

Below are a few of the images to be included in the Francene Hair Diaries. Much more work needs to be done on this project, and I am asking you, the reader to contribute as part of an OpenArt presentation. Please email me photos you take of our beloved co-worker Francene and her inimitable hairdos. My address is linked in the box on the right marked "Want to be a member of this blog?" As we all know, she has one of the most versatile mops in all of EMS and presents styles that range from the demure to the bizarre. We need your pics. God put cameras on our cell phones for a reason people, and this is it. We need photos honoring Francene - the good, the bad and the frightening.
Because we love her and she's such a great sport!