Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Mardi Gras 2008

Evening to all,
As we settled down after another Mardi Gras we need to look back and reflect. This year was different in many ways. A lot of first time employees, new Bike and Gator team even our own Command Trailer. The earliest Mardi gras in twenty five years, and one of the shortest on record.
With that we can as a community hold our heads up high because with this fine city still just shy of 50% population from post Katrina. We collectively cause the need for more EMS items than ever before, not recent years not ten but freaking ever. Let us not forget the rain even cancelled a days worth of parades during this time as well! Which left a few of us with the sudden realization that as a whole us New Orleanians are unable to consistently sustain a normal functioning ability to live with out the need for someone else to tell us what is wrong with us!!! Being drunk, my hand hurts, something fell on my foot, and juice got in my eyes etc etc is no reason to call or activate an emergency response!! But low and behold it happens more often than anyone with the brains God gave a rock would dream of!!! Just because you travel and spend your cash here, doesn’t mean that you can come and decide for the first time in your life to binge drink and survive!! More tourists visit our cots than anyone else during this time simply because they drink themselves to stupidity!! Sure our people maintain their share of ignorance (which we take pride in) and can justify shooting at least one person at each parade. For what, a damn 5 cent plastic crap bead!! I know what you’re thinking, you don’t just tell them, Hey stop being as dumb as a stump!! There isn’t any reason to send you an Ambulance for that Bullshit!!! Well we wonder why our selves!! So the sirens continue to roll!!!!!
Let us now look and talk about the Women and Men that provide this excellent profession medical coverage to all the citizen and tourist alike. For twelve days straight many of us worked twelve to seventeen hour days. Causing us to be away from our families and kids. From our ability to revel in the festive natural of this moronic event, so you may be safe. It starts with the ladies in our communication, yes okay guys a couple of you are up there too!!. These ladies daily not only deal with the call of service from people who most of them couldn’t walk if they had to think about the process of one foot in front of the other with out falling down! Then they have to control and coordinate the placement and disperse to call’s about 85 tired, angry burnt out medics. My hat goes off to them!! GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then the medic’s that roll on all these call’s for service. With minimal rest no food half the time and a never ending string of calls, they continue to show up each day. Some how being able to hold back the urge to simply beat the living crap out of the stupid drunks. Not ripping a new ass into the ones that want a ride because they have a cold, their back is sore or nine months ago got knocked up and simply didn’t have enough time to arrange a ride to the hospital. Let’s not forget not going off on the nurses that tend to give us crap! But each day dressed to the nines, fully prepared to serve for the day. Still professional and compassionate for those those truly need it. Once again proving why we here are the best of the best and if you question that, you just ask one of us. Twenty plus years of this Mardi Gras stuff and proud as hell to know each one of the men and women that are New Orleans EMS medics.
The administration that stood side by side with us each day. This it self proves why they are where they are in the service and why we are who we are.
Lastly the guys in rescue and supply. With out the unknown amount of hours and time supply puts in to obtain and keep the needed stock so that the job can be done would blow your mind. Rescue, keeping it all together and in order to help, lessen the amount of chaos during the season. At the same time looking so damn good!!!!!