Saturday, November 19, 2005

NOEMS in the News

Katrina kinda made us famous again. Here is a handy list of links documenting our illustrious activities in the public eye.

Thomas Jordan the Bootless Hero
USA TODAY in the Trenches with NOEMS
Keeley and Keller in Vegas (photo of Frezel and Jeanne)
JEMS: Valerie from Delaware Rode it Out with Us (FIXED)
JEMS: What the Media Didn't Report About EMS in New Orleans
Katrina Lewis Gets Some Christmas Gifts**
Christmas at the White House (Katrina Lewis and Kenny Bouvier)**


There are lots of links out there to blogs and bulletin board posts pertaining to us and Katrina. All you have to do is Google "New Orleans EMS" and you'll get a bunch of returns. If you come across a link to another article out there, please edit this entry and add it!

Oh, and did you know that Sept. 29, 2005 was declared "New Orleans EMS Day" in Kansas City, MO? It's a fact!

Sunday, November 13, 2005


whats up all? hearts and prayers go out to those brothers and sisters who lost loved ones, and the ones who lost their homes and belongings. we made it through as a division with eveyone coming together to keep EMS alive in this city. we know others may claim to do what we did in this city, but we all know NOEMS was the one. i feel we are fortunate to still have jobs after such a devestating blow to the entire gulf region. circumstances have been less than ideal, but we have managed to make it so far, making the best of our time off to be with families that many of us are separated from.

i hope that everyone keeps hope and faith in our division, and in the future of our city. see you on the street!

chris keller a.k.a. A-K

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Need your stories and photos!

Hi all! Fitz here. Just wanted to let you know I've FINALLY started writing my book! It's gonna be called "Ramp Rants: Stories From the Streets of New Orleans EMS" (Thanks for the idea for the title, Nick!).
Of course, I'm going to include our whole Katrina story. There will also be anecdotes from our everyday calls. I'd like to have as much input as possible from you all. If you have a good EMS story, one that stcks out your mind or the one your friends like to hear about or one that affected you, please send it to me and I'll try to incorporate it in the book. Photos will be much appreciated too. Please include a description of pictures you send.
You can send stories and pictures to me at You can also just say hi. Looking forward to hearing from you!