Saturday, November 19, 2005

NOEMS in the News

Katrina kinda made us famous again. Here is a handy list of links documenting our illustrious activities in the public eye.

Thomas Jordan the Bootless Hero
USA TODAY in the Trenches with NOEMS
Keeley and Keller in Vegas (photo of Frezel and Jeanne)
JEMS: Valerie from Delaware Rode it Out with Us (FIXED)
JEMS: What the Media Didn't Report About EMS in New Orleans
Katrina Lewis Gets Some Christmas Gifts**
Christmas at the White House (Katrina Lewis and Kenny Bouvier)**


There are lots of links out there to blogs and bulletin board posts pertaining to us and Katrina. All you have to do is Google "New Orleans EMS" and you'll get a bunch of returns. If you come across a link to another article out there, please edit this entry and add it!

Oh, and did you know that Sept. 29, 2005 was declared "New Orleans EMS Day" in Kansas City, MO? It's a fact!


Kim said...

Sooo. Kim and Luke Here! We are comonig back to visit as soon as possible. Just a note on the Jems article. It is all Jacobs journal and it was for the most part good, thanks Jacob for keeping our thoughts on a day to day basis. Secondly I hope y'all read the Acadian Superdome part too...Just throwin one out there, If you were a medic (oh yeah we are) would you use a needle wipe it off with an alcohol swipe and then use it again on a different person? Then would you admit to it in a national publication? Of all the years y'all went with nothing I don't think you would have done this. Just goes to show what happens when they take the cookbook away.

Love, Kim

girlmedic said...

Couldnt believe they did that let alone glad i wasnt the only one who caught that one. And who wants acadian as their 911 providers?? We've been without lots of supplies...NEVER have i compromised my pts like the Saviours of the Dome did...unbelievable!!

Melinda said...

C'mon guys. We all did it....on each other. Don't ya'll remember? If it didn't happen, then Acadian didn't save N.O. OH......WAIT! That's right, they DIDN'T save N.O.!!!!!! That is pretty bad. Let OSHA get wind of that and somebody will be in trouble!!

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