Friday, January 23, 2009

Disaster Averted

Ok, here's a great example of CYA:

Responded to a 20-I. On scene, NOPD says "I can't believe they called you for this bullshit! This accident happened over 2 hours ago!" He indicated that one of the passengers had said something about back pain. We went to the car, expecting to be cancelled. The grand total of damage to the car? A cracked rear light cover. Inside were two females, one saying her neck hurt, one saying her lower back hurt. The one with neck pain vascillated about going to the hospital with us but eventually said for us to take her. Her friend said she would go too.

Slightly pissed off about the whole obvious bullshit of it all, but I figured they should get the whole "treatment" because this was obviously a sprouting personal injury lawsuit. Brought the stretcher and collar and LSB over to the car, immobilized them properly, blah, blah, blah.

Neck pain on the benchseat, heavy girl on the stretcher. Asked neck pain when her LMP was. "8 months ago." Why? "I'm 8 months pregnant; I'm due next month." Okay, whatever. (Didn't realize she was pregnant; thought she was just "shaped" that way.) Both have rock-stable vitals, no obvious injury.

We're code 77 for like 2 hours before 6239 relieves us at University. No new complaints, the girls are fine. We move on.

Later on that day, 6239 (Katrina) relieves us again. She says that the ultrasound on our pregnant patient revealed the fetus was dead! Holy crap! "From the accident?" I asked. No, apparently it had died earlier and she didn't know it.

Here's how it could have happened in an alternate universe:
NOPD: "Y'all can cancel."
Us: "10-22 per NOPD unit whatever." Or maybe make patient contact and "You don't really need to go with us, you can drive yourself to the hospital if you want." 10-22 or patient refusal dispo.

One month later the woman goes to the hospital to have her baby. It's dead. The fetal demise could easily be attributed to the earlier accident and lack of medical care at the time. Who do you think the first people would be to spring to mind to sue for negligence or something like that? Yep, EMS.

Really, really glad we took her to the hospital. New rear light cover: $50. Ambulance ride to the hospital for bullshit complaint: $700. Two paramedics keeping themselves out of a shitload of trouble for said bullshit complaint: Priceless.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Francene Hair Diaries!

Our beloved Francene Jones and her amazing hair - the good, the bad and the frightening. Thanks for being a good sport! You're awesome.

This should be available on YouTube soon, too!

PSA video!

Susan's posted the final version of the PSA on YouTube. Click the video and it will take you to the YouTube site. You can copy the code and paste it onto your MySpace & Facebook page or into emails to friends! Everyone share to get our great service reputation out there! Everyone looks great, too.

Friday, January 02, 2009

New Phonetic Alphabet

Due to inconsistencies with spelling difficulties over the radio, particularly when spelling out street names, we have arrived at a new phonetic alphabet. Up until now, there have been varying ways to clarify various letters. For example, when trying to say the letter “A,” should we say 'A as in apple; A as in alpha; A as in Anthony', and so on. The following list creates an “EMS-centric” list of mnemonics so as to better communicate exact spellings over the air. Please use these mnemonic phrases to clarify the spelling of words:

A as in ambalamps
B as in better be up on time
C as in CPR-ah
D as in do you speak English
E as in everybody re-centralize
F as in free ride to the hospital
G as in GOA
H as in hell no, you can’t have a forty
I as in idiot 911 callers
J as in just get in the truck
K as in kept past ETOD
L as in late call
M as in medicaid
N as in no getting off on time
O as in obnoxious
P as in parametric
Q as in drag queen
R as in refusal
S as in stupid
T as in ten-forty-two
U as in ugly
V as in vaginal bleed
W as in write-up
X as in x-tremely fat
Y as in yes that call was for you
Z as in zero payment for this transport

With these easy-to-remember phonetic alphabet substitutions, we trust all will have a more efficacious time communicating on the radio. Thank you.