Thursday, February 24, 2005

Good luck!

Well it's that time again! Time for new little students to break out of their cocoons and become paramedics! I know George is going to National Registry this week; who else is going? Good luck to all our EMT's taking Registry!
A word of advice: when y'all pass, don't try to be a good paramedic; strive to be an excellent paramedic. It will serve you well in future endeavors. We've always been better than every other EMS around. We NEED to uphold NOHD's reputation in the country. Current and future EMT's are the ones who will have to do that. For the ones that have gone before you, make us proud that we came from such a great service.
Or else we'll come back and kick your ass!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Code 4

I hate to sound like a whiny bitch, but will someone please explain to Barbara that regardless of the way NOPD uses the term "Code 4", we use it to mean the scene is safe to approach. I know it doesn't mean a scene is completely safe (what scene ever is?), but when dispatch tells us 'NOPD has a Code 4' it means that's it's ok to go in, right? NOPD can say "Code Giraffe" for all I care. NOHD Code 4 means it's under control, relatively safe, move in.
Also Babs seems to be under the impression that we have all of NOPD's dispatch channels on our radios. I haven't had PD on my radio for 9 years, other than the SPEC channels.
Don't worry, I'm Code 4.
I hope.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Okay, folks, we're gonna try this one more time. Lets keep personal threats off this blog. You are welcome to post whatever you like, but the owner of this blog takes no responsibility of what is published by the readers. If you see something you don't like about you, welcome it as constructive criticism. If you agree wholeheartedly, add your vote and write it down here. Got a war story? We'd all like to hear it (but make it interesting)! All readers are welcome to write their thoughts. Cuss as much as you want. If your virgin eyes are too sensitive to read it, there's loads of other stuff on the internet to do. Deal.

Here goes...