Sunday, May 24, 2009

Scavenger Hunt!

We’re going on a scavenger hunt! All you have to do is find the street signs till the end, where you win the grand prize. It helps if you write down the street names and read them out loud so the contest judges know you were there. The only hard part will be finding the streets! Here we go...

We’ll start close to the station, so no one gets lost. All you have to do is leave the station and head over to the eighth district and find Gainy Street, then around the corner to Poyfar. From there, just go down the road into the first district to Grayver Street. It’d be a good idea to stop on Pwadras Street as well, before shooting on over to Ibberville.

Now lets make a little jaunt uptown to the sixth and second districts and visit Announciation. You might get there by way of Simon Boulevard Avenue. Then drop by Vincanes, before heading off to the third district.

In the third, we’ll stop by Genhayg Street, Cantina, Mowton and Aragorn in Lakeview, then move over to Trafflagar; it’s right off of Deesax.

It’s easy to get to the seventh district from here, so we’ll pass by Boing Street, make a pit stop on Linehubber and go all the way out to Canes Street. Next we’ll come back towards town a little and visit America or Americus (they’re interchangeable).

To get to the fifth district, it might be easiest to take Alamonster. Make your way over to Lizard Street, and look for the cross street too, Yuerquehart.

Lets take the scenic route back and visit the beautiful French Quarter. Dekatour is one of the nicest streets. You may also want to see lovely Barak Street. Near the cathedral, you can stroll up Peer Antine. Stop by the corner of S. Peter and St. Peter (also interchangeable) before moving onto historic Caenal Street.

Only one more district in our scavenger hunt- the fourth! Once you get off the bridge, see if you can find Faragoot Street. Once you do, make a quick stop on Murl, Morel or Merrill (again, totally interchangeable). Near that, you’ll visit Odean Street and then head to Patolemy. We’re almost through! On the way to the end, just pass by that other Lizard Street. Then make your final stop on the scavenger hunt where you can claim your grand prize. It will be on... Succotash Street!

Yay! You made it! Your fabulous grand prize is - Hooked on Phonics! It comes with a companion prize too- Hooked on Phonics for Dummies! Aren’t you happy? Make sure you take your prizes with you and use them a lot before the next time you key up that microphone at work! Everyone will appreciate you!

Really. They will!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Signal 30, 1700 block of Duels, 5/16/09

A few minutes after the tornado. Kenny, Derek & Ben on scene. Yours
truly not in the picture, thankfully. From

Tornado Over New Orleans 5/16/09

Comma-looking thing. From Pontchartrain Expressway.

Tornado over New Orleans 5/16/09

Not a great pic; taken from Pontchartrain Expressway looking toward
the lake.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Louisiana Rolling Roadblock!!

Okay just bare with me on this one. I have had enough and have always wanted to express myself on this matter. Being that I travel the Interstate system daily I have become more and more frustrated at the way others drive. The main gripe I have is those using the left lane, as I see it improperly. This has been called the Louisiana rolling Roadblock for years, and with just cause.

Let’s be clear this is not being directed at any particular group. Not racial, not age, not the truck services, not low dollar car drivers or even the high dollar drivers. Not even the cabbies, but I could go on for days about cabbies. This encompasses every single fool idiot that driver in the left lane 10 – 15 mph below the posted limits.

Let me give you some parameters that are known or should be know by all divers. On mutli lane roads, the first lane, right lane that is for merging traffic as well as the slower traffic. The center lane is the through lane, normal diving speeds and then there is the left. This lane was designed to be the Emergency lane, for all Emergency response vehicles, as well as the passing lane, faster driver’s lane.

That being said lets take a gander at some of the thing’s I have seen. Of course I only bitch due to the fact I drive fast most of the time, not excessively but faster than post limits. Which means I shoot straight over to the left lane to start the trip at a good pace. All is good until the next exit comes up, only to see another connoisseur of speed dart over to the lane ahead of me. Oh hell no he didn’t, yes he did. The gas pedal all of sudden no longer works in his car like a stealth bomber he was undetectable due to no light, but has slowed to a whooping 50 mph. Keeping just enough room in between the car in the middle lane so you can’t just switch and pass him on the inside. At these speed the entire city of Kenner rushing in to the Big Easy has swallowed us up like a hurt horse in the stretch. No where to go blocked in. Ease up on him, maybe to entice a lane change, nah but hey he does have brake lights now! Miles have passed then finally a break you shoot a round him like a sling shot. I myself don’t use the flashing light in the mirror out of respect knowing that this only makes me slam on my brakes. But I do give that head shaking glare as I time my return into his path narrowly missing his front bumper. Then it is speed time until the next idiot arrives.

We have all kinds of offenders that constantly perpetrate this heinous crime. So look out for them, I will list a few that I have encountered. First the ever popular white haired, old fogy that has zero reason to be in a moving vehicle of any kind at all. The young, look at me I just got my license, to busy chatting with everyone in the car. The sports car which by the way cost’s more than my yearly salary. They are way too good to be asked to move over. The hoopdie, which should only be under a pneumatic car crusher instead of being driven on the roads. With some thug at the wheel, and some form of sound blaring from the exterior speakers. The cabbie oh those cabbies that is all I have to say!! The service trucks that with its size, feels it can go where ever it wants. The every day Sunday driver, just slowly making its way forward to their destination. All of them are of course talking or texting while performing this feat. Now don’t drive up on them at a speed at or above the limits, since it makes them uncomfortable, you can tell this by the popular braking being done. Forget the fact there is no one in front of them. Or the turning of the head and yelling that is being done at you with some friendly hand gestures sent to show the love. Then the one that just gets my laughing so hard I can’t drive. After a 3 mile tailing, finally you get the break you need. Signal, change lanes, speed up. But wait the car which couldn’t go faster than 50 or change lanes suddenly explodes forward, those friendly hand gestures a waving. You having some restraint realize now you won’t make it unless you go about 90. Just back down and ease in behind the traffic and starting laughing and such a fantastic move by the other driver.

Sadly the only way I have found around this issue and to keep my road rage down. Is to now travel in the right lane at a higher speed average, slowing when on coming traffic hits, but since these fools are making a bee line to the left lane it clears quickly.

If only we could have spontaneous combusting laser guns, this whole thing could end rather quickly.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Chapter 5 is up!

Okay all, just posted Chapter 5 of "Found Wanting!" It's a rough shift for Marc & Brian.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

EMS Trivia Quiz

Actually this was pretty good quiz. I’ve demolished it with my ridiculous answers, but feel free to take it yourself for real. Here's the link. It's on a pretty good EMS website,

Bledsoe's EMS Trivia Quiz

1. What is the plural of pleura?
You've only got one pleura so who cares.

2. Your patient has a blood glucose level of 4.2 mmol/L. Is this high, low or normal? Convert the reading to milligrams per deciliter.
Normal. Press the button on the glucometer to convert it.

3. What is Hennebert’s sign and what condition is it indicative of?
A stupid thing that Dr. Hennebert described. Indicates Hennebertitis - inflated ego of a research physician.

4. How is Arnold’s Nerve stimulated? What effects result from stimulation of Arnold’s Nerve? What nerve is Arnold’s Nerve a part of?
Find a guy named Arnold and stick him with a needle. It’ll be stimulated. Effect will be saying “ouch.” It’s a part of Arnold’s nervous system.

5. The ligamentum teres is a remnant of what embryonic structure?
The umbilical cord’s connection to the vascular system. (Couldn’t think of a funny one.)

6. What is the appropriate treatment when an IV infusion of norepinephrine or dopamine extravasates?
Haul ass and tell the doctor when you get to the hospital.

7. Who invented the esophageal obturator airway (EOA)?
Someone with no gag reflex who was inspired while having sex. Maybe this guy?

8. What was the first dedicated civilian medical helicopter program in the United States?
When the Korean war ended and the guys from M*A*S*H went home.

9. Who was the publisher of the first version of Nancy Caroline’s Emergency Care in the Street?
Harlequin Romance Novels - Really, doesn’t it sound like a cheesy romance thing? Maybe a sequel to Nancy Caroline’s Love in the Janitor’s Closet?

10. What company provided the ambulances used in the television show Émergency!?
The lowest bidder.

11. What is the purpose of adding lactate to Lactated Ringer’s solution?
To make women’s boobs bigger.

12. Your Spanish-speaking patient is telling you, “Estoy embarazada.” What are they trying to tell you?
“I’m so embarrassed that I got pregnant from a gringo on spring break in Mexico that I came to America for free medical care.”

13. Which company published the now defunct Emergency magazine?
Apparently, one with poor managerial skills. AIG?

14. What are the three Greek humors?
Comedy, tragedy & drama.

15. What is a reticulocyte?
A single-celled reticulated python.

16. What was the name of the ambulance company in the movie Mother, Jugs & Speed, and what did it stand for?
Dunno - never saw it.

17. DRT is an abbreviation for what?
Dead Right There

18. What was the drug Hyperstat used for?
You inject it into your partner to get him off his ass. Do something!

19. What was HelaFoam used for?
At clubs when they have a HelaFun Foam party.

20. When your partner said, “We are going to hang three,” what did he mean?
You just had your third idiot patient who deserves death more than a ride to the hospital.

21. How many grams of glucose are in a liter of D5W?
50 - another one I couldn’t think of a funny.

22. What is an MICN?
“Medic I Can’t Name”- used when gossiping about the mistakes of a co-worker but you don’t want to get him in trouble.

23. What ambulance was known as Moby Pig?

24. What slang term for MICU was used by many EMS operations in the 1970s?
“Ambulance.” Or “Meat wagon.”

25. Who are Joe and the Deer?
The guy from that famous 911 recording that kept getting attacked by a deer.

26. Who published the first EMT textbook in full color?
Highlights Children’s Books - still used today.

27. Who manufactured the orange Biophone used in the Emergency! television series?
The lowest bidder

28. What is an oral screw and when is it indicated?
Oh hoh hoh - I’m not even going there! But it’s indicated when you have a really sexy partner and a slow night.

29. Which actor from the television show Emergency! was the only one who was a certified firefighter?
The safety guy. He stood behind the gaffer, near the best boy.

30. Which individual shot or stabbed the largest number of people in the United States (and Canada)?
If by “shot or stabbed” you refer to giving shots or stabbing with IV’s, we all are guilty! Criminals ain’t got nothing on us.

Friday, May 01, 2009