Sunday, May 24, 2009

Scavenger Hunt!

We’re going on a scavenger hunt! All you have to do is find the street signs till the end, where you win the grand prize. It helps if you write down the street names and read them out loud so the contest judges know you were there. The only hard part will be finding the streets! Here we go...

We’ll start close to the station, so no one gets lost. All you have to do is leave the station and head over to the eighth district and find Gainy Street, then around the corner to Poyfar. From there, just go down the road into the first district to Grayver Street. It’d be a good idea to stop on Pwadras Street as well, before shooting on over to Ibberville.

Now lets make a little jaunt uptown to the sixth and second districts and visit Announciation. You might get there by way of Simon Boulevard Avenue. Then drop by Vincanes, before heading off to the third district.

In the third, we’ll stop by Genhayg Street, Cantina, Mowton and Aragorn in Lakeview, then move over to Trafflagar; it’s right off of Deesax.

It’s easy to get to the seventh district from here, so we’ll pass by Boing Street, make a pit stop on Linehubber and go all the way out to Canes Street. Next we’ll come back towards town a little and visit America or Americus (they’re interchangeable).

To get to the fifth district, it might be easiest to take Alamonster. Make your way over to Lizard Street, and look for the cross street too, Yuerquehart.

Lets take the scenic route back and visit the beautiful French Quarter. Dekatour is one of the nicest streets. You may also want to see lovely Barak Street. Near the cathedral, you can stroll up Peer Antine. Stop by the corner of S. Peter and St. Peter (also interchangeable) before moving onto historic Caenal Street.

Only one more district in our scavenger hunt- the fourth! Once you get off the bridge, see if you can find Faragoot Street. Once you do, make a quick stop on Murl, Morel or Merrill (again, totally interchangeable). Near that, you’ll visit Odean Street and then head to Patolemy. We’re almost through! On the way to the end, just pass by that other Lizard Street. Then make your final stop on the scavenger hunt where you can claim your grand prize. It will be on... Succotash Street!

Yay! You made it! Your fabulous grand prize is - Hooked on Phonics! It comes with a companion prize too- Hooked on Phonics for Dummies! Aren’t you happy? Make sure you take your prizes with you and use them a lot before the next time you key up that microphone at work! Everyone will appreciate you!

Really. They will!

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Gordon said...

Heavenly Fadder, what a laugh! But you forgot penis town. Thay are just as bad here: dunoobie for danube is my current fave. And for the love of Christ one of our dispatchers could be Yolanda's voice twin!!
Miss you all and see ya soon.