Sunday, July 06, 2008

Times-Pic Pic's

Times-Picayune photos with revised captions.

At an archaeological dig behind St. Louis Cathedral, researchers unearth a 17th century crack pipe in nearly pristine condition. "Clearly, this is a very important find," said archaeologists. "We're beginning to see the importance of crack in the economic and sociological development of New Orleans early days."

Swiss students on the St. Charles Avenue streetcar, experiencing the culture of New Orleans. Moments later EMS pronounced this young man dead from head trauma after colliding with a pole. His fellow Swiss students described the scene: "All we heard was a big 'TING' and he was dead. We dragged him to La Madelaine, thinking some croissants would revive him. But no. He is dead."

Neighbors, rallying against racism, dig up the lawn of a family in Metairie where "KKK" was burned into the grass last month. When asked about why they had waited a month before doing something about repairing the damage, the homeowner replied "We still ain't done nothing about it. We just waited till whitey came along and dug it up. We need our reparations. He can plant me some new azaleas while he's at it, too."