Friday, January 02, 2009

New Phonetic Alphabet

Due to inconsistencies with spelling difficulties over the radio, particularly when spelling out street names, we have arrived at a new phonetic alphabet. Up until now, there have been varying ways to clarify various letters. For example, when trying to say the letter “A,” should we say 'A as in apple; A as in alpha; A as in Anthony', and so on. The following list creates an “EMS-centric” list of mnemonics so as to better communicate exact spellings over the air. Please use these mnemonic phrases to clarify the spelling of words:

A as in ambalamps
B as in better be up on time
C as in CPR-ah
D as in do you speak English
E as in everybody re-centralize
F as in free ride to the hospital
G as in GOA
H as in hell no, you can’t have a forty
I as in idiot 911 callers
J as in just get in the truck
K as in kept past ETOD
L as in late call
M as in medicaid
N as in no getting off on time
O as in obnoxious
P as in parametric
Q as in drag queen
R as in refusal
S as in stupid
T as in ten-forty-two
U as in ugly
V as in vaginal bleed
W as in write-up
X as in x-tremely fat
Y as in yes that call was for you
Z as in zero payment for this transport

With these easy-to-remember phonetic alphabet substitutions, we trust all will have a more efficacious time communicating on the radio. Thank you.

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T-MAN said...

R-ahhhhhhh, always thought I missed that day in school but it is correct and widely used. Silly me alway say, R!