Tuesday, February 21, 2006

NOPD has a blog too

Check it out, NOPD has their own version of the NOEMS Blog: Signal26.com

They are much bitchier than we are these days.


Sean said...

Man! you're right! NOPD is bitchier than we ever are! Even with all the shit, we're more cohesive than them, fo' sure! Despite them calling each other "brother" and all, they're telling each other not to applaud when someone they don't cre for gets an award or whatever (not that EMS get's many awards, but you get the point).
One thing's consistent - when they get a compliment or commendation, it usually turns into a write-up! Sound familiar?

Anonymous said...

Reading some of the shit that they are putting on their blog makes you feel really good about what we have doesn't it?