Monday, February 05, 2007

Don't complain about what you're willing to do nothing about

Since I've been back at EMS, I've had a great time. I love running the streets and working with everyone at EMS. But I've heard a lot of complaining about 'unfair practices.' This is of course nothing new. Anywhere you go to work there will be bullshit - with patients, co-workers and administration. And I realize that wherever you go to work there will be bitching; that's one of the reasons I started this blog, to have a forum in which to vent.

I've said this before to many of this blog's readers: if you aren't willing to do something about what you think is wrong, then stop complaining about it. Yes, New Orleans EMS has its problems. It ALWAYS has! There isn't a city department, corporation, family or coffee shop that doesn't. If you think it's bad at New Orleans, try working somewhere else and absorb the bullshit there! Things don't change for the better because of complaining, they change because of action, a step that few seem willing to take.

I love working at EMS, bullshit and all. For all its changes and difficulty, it's still the best job I ever had. I don't HAVE to work there, I can make a lot more money doing easier work. I do it because I want to. It can be that way for everyone if you have the right frame of mind. I hope others will realize this and work to make EMS a better place for us all!


resQscooter said...

I call bullshit on that... Kidding, love ya Fizmo.

Kim said...

Hey Fitz, Been awile since I've posted, I've decided to give up bitching for lent. Just so you know, some people are trying to take action. Call me a cheerleader or whatever but I don't bitch just so I can use up air,I have tried to get people to take action about their bitches and you know what I hear? "oh I don't want to do that I might lose my job" Blah Blah Blah... I on the other hand, actually do try to make positive suggetions on a regular basis to those "in charge". the frustrating part is I'm still just using up air, ah. BTW working with you Mardi Gras night was a breath of fresh air It reminded me of the pre-katrina days, No stress baby.