Sunday, March 28, 2010

Chronicles of EMS - An EMS Reality Series That Tells The Truth!

I know you tell war stories. I certainly do. And the questions that your non-EMS audience ask sometimes make you laugh. "How do you deal with death all day, every day?" "Do you have to cut cars up all the time?" "What's the worst call you've ever been on?" If you've spent more than twenty minutes in the back of an ambulance, you know all too well that such calls, while memorable, are the exception rather than the rule. Instead, on a typical shift we wonder about which frequent-fliers we'll be transporting, how many drunks we'll be scraping up, if it's nursing home Dump Day and where we're going to try to eat lunch. And we try not to think about who's footing the bill for our services. Sometimes we long for someone to tell our story- our real story, not some overly dramatized spectacle.

Your wish has been granted.

With Chronicles of EMS, Thaddeus Setla and Chris Montera have created an EMS reality series on the web that tell the REAL story in EMS. You can follow along with San Francisco paramedic/firefighter Justin Schorr and Mark Glencorse from North East Ambulance Service in the United Kingdom and see American EMS as it really is. No explosions, no Code 3 club, and every patient isn't dying from some unlikely scenario. Mark & Justin run actual EMS calls in San Francisco and show what it's really like to be an EMT - dealing with the chronic bullshit, the homeless, the drunks and occasionally even a real patient ("Trauma" on NBC, are you listening?). Also of note is Justin's warning to Mark - no meal breaks!

It's interesting to see Mark's reaction to the way EMS is run here; he's a paramedic in England. Compare his comments about U.K. EMS with the way it goes in the States. It was a long time in the making, as Justin explains in the first part of the video. Facebook, Twitter and blogs played a key part in CoEMS' creation, and I'm happy to have had a miniscule influence in it. The guys have done an outstanding job illustrating what we really do.

Watch episode one of Chronicles of EMS here.

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Looking forward to Episode 2 and more!


medic999 said...

Thank you very much for your support!!

The CoEMS community is growing day by day and it is only with professionals like you that this thing we have started can really move forward.

Thanks for the shout out and we hope to be in your neck of the woods some day, so maybe we can hoist a pint one day.

Thaddeus said...

I really appreciate the recognition and when I hear reviews like this it certainly says to me that we are on the right track. I welcome the chance to come to New Orleans as it is aplace of great interest to me and my colleagues.

If your EMS system would like us to do a show there, let us know...