Wednesday, May 12, 2010

EKG's You Can Text!

  1. So I texted a bunch of EKG rhythms on Twitter. Feel free to peruse my work, repost it on Twitter or on your blogs. I got like a dozen new followers from it! The basic ones are at the bottom; work your way up the page to the more advanced rhythms. Or do it the other way; I don't care. This is the best way I could find to write EKG's via keyboard. Enjoy. (Sorry, but I doubt you can get continuing education hours.)
    Torsades des pointes (French accent mandatory): VVVvvvVVVVvvvvVVVVvvvmmmMMMmmmMMMvvvVVVvvvVVVmmmMMMmmmvvvVVVvvv
  2. Cardizem:
  3. A-fib with RVR: ~~V~~V~V~~V~VV~V~V~~V~V~~V~VV~V~V~~V~V~V~~V~~~V~V
  4. Epinephrine:
  5. Asystole:
  6. Atropine:
  7. Synchronized cardioversion: `V`V`V`V`V`V`V`V`V`V`V`V`V`VCLEAR<>BLAM<>--~V~--~V~--~V~--~V~--~V~--~V~--~V~--~V~
  8. Defibrillation w/ conversion: MmwVwMmwwvvVWMCLEAR!<>BLAM<>------~V~--~V~--~V~--~V~--~V~--~V~--~V~
  9. Ventricular fibrillation: wWwWWWwwWwWvVVvwMMwMMmmmvvvMM
  10. Pacer rhythm w/ capture:
  11. 3rd degree heart block:
  12. 2nd degree heart block, Type 2:
  13. 2nd degree heart block, type 1 (Wenkebach): ---~V~--~-V~-~--V~~---V~~-----------~V ---~V~--~-V~-~--V~~---V~~-----------~V
  14. 1st degree heart block:
  15. Atrial Flutter (3:1 conduction): :vvvVvvvVvvvVvvvvVvvvvVvvvVvvvVvvvVvvvVvvvVvvvV
  16. Atrial Fibrilation: ~~~V~V~~~~~~V~V~~~V~~~V~~~~~~V~~V~V~VVV~~~~V~V~

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Grainne said...

Did you really spend your time typing all that stuff, or did you copy and paste it? Too much time on your hands. I'm going to put a list of projects together for you!