Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Five years later...

This article was written two years ago: In it, EMS' plight in securing a new home following Hurricane Katrina was addressed. Back then, EMS was responding to "700 calls" a week. That number has increased greatly, yet New Orleans EMS is still operating from two trailers in a parking lot under a bridge. Employees are still dodging trash thrown from the bridge, there's nowhere near enough space for parking, supply storage or even washing the ambulances.
Now, call volume has required the purchase of additional ambulances and sprint vehicles, taking up more already scarce space, yet EMS is still relegated to their position of "trolls hiding under the bridge." There is talk of new headquarters on City Park Avenue, but little or no progress has been made toward moving there. How long will one of the city's most vital components be ignored and have to "make do," especially in view of the scads of unoccupied territory everywhere in the city? Everyone understands that New Orleans' city budget is tight, yet every firehouse and police station has been rebuilt, renovated or relocated, but the red-headed stepchild of emergency services remains barely an afterthought in the grand scheme of things.
Repost this, tweet it on Twitter, write an email or letter to your city councilperson, spread it on Facebook... whatever. Help to spread the word and get those that will help you and your loved ones in a crisis a decent headquarters.
It's a damn shame.


BB said...

Gee, it hardly feels like 2 years ago. No need to rush.

T-MAN said...

Hey the termites have hardly touched the place yet. we still have years left before the wall come crumbling down!!