Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Maybe it’s because no one know about this blog or hasn’t looked at it in a while, but man it’s quiet around here!! What use to be a place to express your opinions or distain about things is no longer? Trust me this should be filled with crap being said. Well if you would listen to the daily ranting’s around the ems business, yet no one has posted or comments in a long time. Besides our oh so wise and great leader that is!!!

Shhhhhhh if we speak we will get in trouble and labeled as such, ohhhhh screw that , damn it we still are in America.......or as close to it as the 3rd World Country New Orleans will allow it to be.

So speak up people, sure someone may get offended but who cares, truly not you I see and heard the way you speak and treat people daily!!!


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Rebekah said...

Just found this blog! I'm currently a paramedic in ghetto-Pasadena (near Houston) Texas, but am moving to the Northshore in December of this year. I'm submitting my volunteer application for y'all, and am excited to see what EMS is like on the otherside of the Sabine.

Does anyone have any advice/tips/suggestions from New Orleans veterans? I welcome anything from information about NOEMS to the best places to eat.