Thursday, March 31, 2005

If It Ain't Broke...

Well, now I hear that "they" want do get rid of having districts. Admittedly, the city trucks work way more calls than do the 4th and 7th district trucks (usually). When you're in the 1st, 3rd, 5th or 6th, or in 2 or 12 (and now the Charity trucks) we all know that you should bring your lunch, cuz you'll likely be running your ass off.
Now they want to use the 4th and 7th district trucks all over the city. Has it been discussed that the reason we are able to run our asses off in the busy districts is because we get a little break usually by working the slower districts every couple of months?
I'm all about progress and change that is for the better, but having districts is one of the few things at NOHD that actually works! Don't mess with it! Wanna find something to mess with? How 'bout the lack of gloves? Or chemstrips?
P.S. Does it come as a shock to anyone that not having area assignments like "they" want to do is also the way they do it at Acadian?


Anonymous said...

I agree that this isnt gonna work. What it will do is work the hell out of your staff and run more people away. you dont mind getting you butt kicked on the street, because in the back of your mind your thinking "Well I'll be in the 4th (7th) Next week" Or what about when the sup's ask people if they wanna work overtime. The 2 questions people ask are "Who am I with. And where will I be" I'm sure as hell not gonna run my ass off all week on my long week and come in and do the same on my only 2 days off.

Melinda said...

I think things are okay the way they are right now. I've been in the 7th and dispatch has been trying to keep me in the 7th, at least until 3 or 4. But to totally take away the districts....I don't know how thats going to work. If something HAS to be taken away, take away the Charity trucks. The poor souls on it over the weekend ran 20 calls, and 17 calls on Friday alone. IS THAT RIDICULOUS OR WHAT????? And to my understanding, we don't even see the money that is made from the Charity trucks! Do you know how many flippin boxes of gloves (other that XL cafeteria gloves) we would be able to buy with that money???

i'msofain said...

what no one has mentioned yet are the misfortunes the charity trucks have had befall them since the onset of "6271, 10-99 to Dispatch 2." the fact that this event is guaranteed immediately after you are granted a 40 makes things all the more disgusting. i'm sure many of you heard patty and i bitching profusely about what happened to us on friday: 20 calls, two of which were 911 and given to us on the one break we had between patients.

weekends are one thing. but when there are ten transfers holding on a friday and there's no help being sent from the street or from moss, LEAVE THE FUCKING MCLA TRUCKS ALONE.