Sunday, March 20, 2005

Would it hurt

We have begun a new era at NOHD. We now are not required to go to work and do that " useless " check off check. We now have the Rescue personnel to do this for us. They all along with some of the back up rescue guy's busted their tails in cleaning up the units, and setting them up ( with the supplies we have). Though some have taken the time to stop and say thanks or do you need a hand, for the most part there has been alot of complaining from crews. In the realm of I had to do something to my unit because it wasn't done for me. Damn spoiled in a week,huh. We all need to work together so this works let's not forget this.


Sean said...

Hey man, yer right. maybe the trucks asren't perfect, but were they ever. Terry's right in that there's a whole lot les work for the crews, and a whole lot more work for the rescue guys. The least we can do is thank them.
Thanks guys!

i'msofain said...

i can't believe people would complain about this new process, especially now that carl has been checking out our stuff at the units so that we don't have to take it all in to 6232. making them take all that shit back out again was completely asinine. but i guess people are grouchy b/c they can't just jump out of the truck and clock right out anymore. personally, i'd rather do that stuff at the end of a shift, when i don't feel pressured to run around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get 10-8.

thanks, supply g- i mean RESCUE guys!

aka- creeto said...

there is always gonna be problems, and we all know i am a complainer. however, i do enjoy this new system and did like the ideas of set crew change times and the new ideas of ssm {all units running all calls in all districts, including charity}. 6232's actions often go un-noticed, but we all do appreciate their efforts, and they deserve much praise for making our job a little easier! thnks all personnel who operate the rescue crew!