Tuesday, March 22, 2005

New Poll - What a Wonderful World!

Ways To Make Everything Perfect Forever

What would make everything wonderful?

Scavenger hunt that ends with Michael Paxton in another state.
Electric air fresheners for the uniks.
Electric air fresheners for the patients.
Vigors required to buy drinks at ETOD.
Dancing wenches instead of 6232.
Daiquiri machine at Moss Street.
911 dispatch outsourced to call center in Calcutta.
Water cannons on the uniks.
Sirens play Barry Manilow.
Sequin gowns & high heels for uniforms.

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Melinda said...

How about cleaning up Paxton, making him run the Daquiri machine at Moss, have all the vigors buy the mix for the machine and any other beverage of our choice, have the 6232s dress in high heels and sequins and dance for us....as a matter of fact, the heck with the dresses....just wear tassels where it counts! And instead of Barry Manilow,lets have the sirens playing the ever so famous "Move Bitch!Get Out The Way" song! And lastly, we can fill the water cannons with Febreeze to spray the pt before he/she ever gets in the truck!!

i'msofain said...

fuck the tassels. i want the full monty.

Sean said...

Melinda! Sweet idea!

Melinda said...

Ashley, you are such a bad girl! I would never ask the MEN OF MOSS to dance for us in the full monty!! I would ask them instead to make homemade bikinis out of whip cream and cherries....a banana split! And they don't even have to buy the bananas!hahaha

i'msofain said...